Rea Visiting Writers and Lecturers


Through the generosity of the Dungannon Foundation, the Creative Writing Program is able to bring several visiting writers and poets to the University of Virginia each year. Some are Rea Visiting Writers, who reside at UVA for one week, deliver a public reading, give a craft talk to our MFAs and advanced undergraduates, and conduct manuscript consultations with our graduate students. Rea Visiting Lecturers come for a briefer stay and deliver a public reading and give a craft talk to our MFAs and advanced undergraduates.

Rea Writers and Lecturers:

Name Type Date
Jos Charles Rea Lecturer March 2021
Rick Barot Rea Writer October 2020
David Means Rea Writer September 2020
Cristina Rivera-Garza Rea Lecturer February 2020
Aracelis Girmay Rea Writer January 2020
Jericho Brown Rea Lecturer October 2019
Jon Pineda Rea Lecturer September 2019
Alvaro Enrigue Rea Lecturer September 2019
Linda Gregerson Rea Writer March 2019
Nicholson Baker Rea Lecturer February 2019
Adrian Matejka Rea Lecturer January 2019
John Keene Rea Writer October 2018
Gabrielle Calvocoressi Rea Lecturer October 2018
Aminatta Forna Rea Lecturer September 2018
Chloe Honum Rea Lecturer April 2018
Dorianne Laux Rea Lecturer March 2018
John Edgar Wideman Rea Lecturer February 2018
Jesse Ball Rea Lecturer November 2017
Ross Gay Rea Writer October 2017
Mary Gaitskill Rea Writer September 2017
Helen Oyeyemi Rea Lecturer April 2017
David Kirby Rea Writer March 2017
David Shields Rea Lecturer February 2017
Natalie Diaz Rea Lecturer November 2016
Rowan Ricardo Phillips Rea Lecturer October 2016
Dinaw Mengestu Rea Writer October 2016
Aimee Nezhukumatathil Rea Lecturer March 2016
Nick Flynn Rea Lecturer March 2016
Rick Bass Rea Writer February 2016
Mary Szybist Rea Writer October 2015
Lucy Corin Rea Lecturer September 2015
David Keplinger Rea Lecturer April 2015
Edwidge Danticat Rea Lecturer February 2015
Meg Wolitzer Rea Writer January 2015
Larissa Szporluk Celli Rea Writer November 2014
Ada Limon Rea Lecturer October 2014
Victor LaValle Rea Lecturer September 2014
Tayari Jones Rea Lecturer April 2014
Terence Hayes Rea Writer February 2014
Lauren Groff Rea Lecturer February 2014
Paisley Rekdal Rea Lecturer January 2014
Ron Carlson Rea Writer November 2013
Michael Collier Rea Lecturer October 2013
Cate Marvin Rea Writer March 2013
Jaimy Gordon Rea Writer February 2013
David Wojahn Rea Writer November 2012
Deborah Eisenberg Rea Lecturer November 2012
Jane Hirshfield Rea Writer February 2012
Darcey Steinke Rea Lecturer November 2011
Joseph O'Neill Rea Writer November 2011
Naomi Shihab Nye Rea Lecturer March 2011
Jim Shepard Rea Writer February 2011
Heidi Julavits Rea Lecturer November 2010
Tony Hoagland Rea Writer December 2009
Claire Messud Rea Writer November 2009
Lynne Tillman Rea Writer March 2009
Elizabeth Alexander Rea Writer March 2009
Amy Hempel Rea Writer April 2008
Ralph Angel Rea Lecturer February 2008
Jane Mead Rea Writer November 2007
C.K. Williams Rea Lecturer November 2007
Dan Chaon Rea Lecturer October 2007
Elton Glaser Rea Writer April 2007
Denise Duhamel Rea Lecturer February 2007
Lydia Davis Rea Writer November 2006
Alice Fulton Rea Writer April 2006
Allan Gurganus Rea Writer December 2005
Brenda Hillman Rea Writer April 2005
Alice McDermott Rea Writer April 2005
Lucie Brock-Broido Rea Lecturer December 2004
Kevin Young Rea Lecturer April 2004
Alan Williamson Rea Writer February 2004
Francine Prose Rea Writer November 2003
Richard Bausch Rea Lecturer October 2003
Thomas Mallon Rea Writer April 2002
Carl Phillips Rea Writer April 2002
Margaret Livesey Rea Writer May 2001
Mark Doty Rea Writer March 2001
James Tate Rea Writer April 2000
Charles Baxter Rea Writer March 2000
Andrea Barrett Rea Writer March 1999
Carol Muske Rea Writer March 1999
Richard Ford Rea Lecturer November 1998
Michael Harper Rea Writer February 1998
Jill McCorkle Rea Writer November 1997
Heather McHugh Rea Writer March 1997
Chris Tilghman Rea Writer October 1996
Charles Simic Rea Writer April 1996
Robert Stone Rea Writer February 1996
Ellen Bryant Voigt Rea Writer March 1995
Peter Matthiessen Rea Writer April 1994
Mark Strand Rea Writer March 1994
Madison Bell Rea Writer March 1994
Mary Oliver Rea Writer March 1993
Marianne Wiggins Rea Writer March 1993
Lorrie Moore Rea Writer March 1992
W.S. Merwin Rea Writer November 1991
James Salter Rea Writer February 1991
Louise Gluck Rea Writer November 1990
Jamaica Kincaid Rea Writer March 1990
John Ashbery Rea Writer November 1989
Ann Beattie Rea Writer October 1988

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